June 26th, 2018

at the Service Area Administration Building

PRESENT: Dave Richards, Chairman

Tom Prosek, Trustee

Kate McGuinness, Trustee

Keith Hanson, Gen. Mgr./Treasurer

Monica Lisenbee, Office Manager/Clerk

ABSENT: Steve McIntosh, Systems Manager


Regular Board Meeting Minutes Approval: Mr. Richards, opened the regular Board Meeting at 12:02 p.m. Mr. Prosek then made a motion approving the meeting minutes from May 15th, 2018 board meeting minutes as written. Ms. McGuiness seconded the motion and it was carried. Mr. Richards closed the regular Board meeting at 12:02 p.m.

Public Hearing For: Discussion and Adoption of the 2018 Property Tax Rate:

Mr. Richards opened the Public Hearing at 12:03 p.m. The clerk for Salt Lake County Service Area #3 duly posted notice of the public hearing to be held on this date. Mr. Hanson reviewed in detail the property tax procedures with the trustees. Mr. Hanson submitted tax rate information to Salt Lake County Auditor's Office electronically. Mr. Hanson presented Resolution 2018-1, which defines the rate of the county service area taxes and certifies such rate to the Board of County Commissioners. Resolution 2018-1 states as follows:

Section 1. That the Board of Trustees officially fixes the rate of the Service Area taxes at 0.000095 on each dollar of taxable property in the Service Area to fund its general operation.

Section 2. That the Board of Trustees officially certifies a total tax rate of 0.000095 to the Board of County Commissioners of Salt Lake County.

Section 3. That the Board of Trustees officially requests that the tax as fixed by the Board of Trustees shall be levied and collected with other taxes levied and collected by Salt Lake County.

Mr. Richards motioned to adopt and approve this 26th, day of June, 2018, the certified tax rate for 2018, as stated in Resolution 2018-1. Mr. Prosek seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Mr. Richards closed the public hearing at 12:14 p.m.

Mr. Richards opened the regular Board meeting at 12:15 p.m.

PTIF-2018-2-Mr. Hanson presented to the Board of Trustees, Resolution 2018-2. This is a resolution required by the Public Treasurer’s Investment Fund for pool participants to authorize two individuals of our entity to make change to our PTIF accounts. After a brief discussion amongst the board members, it was recommended to add the chairman, Dave Richards along with Keith Hanson, (Treasurer), to this resolution, therefore a motion was made by Tom Prosek approving and adopting Public Entity-Resolution 2018-2, Dave Richards seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. This resolution will be notarized and submitted by June 30th, 2018.


Sewer System Update: Mr. Hanson updated the board on the following:

Chickadee –Bid Proposals: -Mr. Hanson presented 3 bid proposals for the Chickadee sewer line replacement. Granite Construction-$130,750.00, Newman Construction $111,150.00 and Jones Construction at $119,513.00.

Mr. Hanson reviewed tasks involved in the line replacement and the 3 individual bids. It was recommended by Mr. Hanson to assign the project of the sewer line replacement to Newman Construction, (lowest bidder). Mr. Richards expressed approval with Newman Construction and stated that they are competent and have worked extensively in the Canyon. Therefore, Mr. Prosek made a motion of awarding the bid of the sewer line replacement on Chickadee to Newman Construction. Kate McGuinness seconded the motion and it was unanimously carried.

El Chanate-Temporary connection of the sewer main line. This will stay this way until the west Cliff 10" lateral has been completed. Timing on project keeps moving. In Mr. Hanson’s discussions with Snowbird, the sewer line project of line replacement will take place after Labor Day. This delay is due to Snowbird summer activities.

Snowbird Center-Mr. Hanson recently met with contractors to discuss the best solutions for putting in a new grease trap at the Snowbird Center. This will directly tie into manhole 122. Mr. Hanson stated this will be in a better location for service and maintenance since it is located in the upper circle parking area.

Snowbird Agreement-The Consent to Use Agreement, which Mr. Hanson has presented to Snowbird, (for encroachment purposes on Chickadee), is still being reviewed. Dave Richards commented that if Snowbird refuses to sign this agreement, the Service Area may stop the line replacement project.

Meadows-Mr. Hanson discussed the manhole infiltration upcoming project at the Meadows Pump Station and we will be assisted by Cottonwood Improvement District with TV inspection and flushing.

Water System Update:

Run-off-Mr. Hanson report the peak run-off was on June 5th, 2018 and at 50% of normal.

Peruvian Mine-Mr. Hanson has turned the water from the Peruvian Mine into the system. We are still discharging from the Wasatch Drain Tunnel into creek but have reduced the amount from 1300 gpm down to 1100 gpm. There is not a lot of water in the mountain this year.

Hidden Peak-The snowmaking line has thawed and the system seems to be running good.

Creek Road-Installing a new stainless steel pressure reducing valve.

2017-CCR-Mr. Hanson presented board members with our 2017 Consumer Confidence Report. Mr. Hanson reviewed this with the board. This report will be mailed to the State as well as all of our water customers by June 30th, 2018.

Patsy Marley-The water line project for the Patsy Marley subdivision has begun. Mr. Hanson is assisting Newman Construction with locating water lines. There will be HDPE pipe placed in trench, which will also include fiber optic. This project will become more complex as it approaches the summer road and may be delayed due to summer activities. Currently, Newman Construction is completing 200 feet per day.

Summer Projects-To Include: Working on the telemetry system for the Peruvian Reservoir and fire station, Creek Road pressure reducing valve. Mr. Hanson stated that he has been delayed on some of our summer projects, due to contractors requiring assistance with on-going Snowbird projects.

Bay City Plant-Mr. Hanson stated that we are in the preparation stages of replacing the media in filter B of the Bay City Plant.

Salt Lake City Public Utilities: Have implemented another water rate increase.

July 17th, 2018-Board Meeting-Agenda items for July 17th, 2018 will include: The presentation of the 2017 financial audit by Eide Bailly, (Paul Skeen). Also, Mr. Hanson may be amending the 2018 Salt Lake County Service Area #3 budget.


Mr. Hanson reviewed with the Board of Trustees, the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison report for May 1st through May 31st, 2018. Mr. Hanson then reviewed the Profit & Loss – Budget vs. Actual for May 1st, through May 31st, 2018. These reports are emailed to members of the board, prior to this board meeting for their review. Financial reports are prepared by Salt Lake County Service Area #3.


Mr. Prosek made a motion to approve the bills listed on the May 16th, 2018

Through June 26th, 2018 payment registers, as presented by Mr. Hanson and to hereby be authorized and ratified to be paid by the manager. Mr. Richards seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Copies of the approved bills are attached to the minutes. The check detail report is emailed to members of the board prior to this board meeting for their review. Mr. Hanson may be making a transfer from our general savings account to our corporate checking account for the Chickadee project.

Mr. Prosek asked questions pertaining to our rate of return with our Public Treasurer’s General Savings and Emergency Accounts, which Mr. Hanson answered.


There being no further business to be discussed, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and unanimously carried at 12:54 p.m.

Salt Lake County Service Area #3-Snowbird


Dave Richards/Chairman



Monica L. Lisenbee/Clerk