November 20th, 2023

9567 E. By-Pass Road

Snowbird, Utah 84092


                                           Dave Richards, Chairman

                                           Tom Prosek, Vice Chairman

                                           Chris Bremer, Trustee

                                           Kasey Carpenter, General Manager   

Bryauna Alderin, Office Manager/Clerk

John Brindle, System Operator



The Salt Lake County Service Area #3 Board of Trustees meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Prosek at 12:00 pm.


Meeting Minutes approval – With 2 grammar corrections made, Vice Chairman Prosek made a motion to approve the corrected minutes from the October 16th, 2023, Board meeting. Trustee Bremer seconded the motion and the motion carried with 2-3 votes as Chairman Richards called dropped from the meeting. A copy of the minutes is attached for review.



2024 PRELIMINARY BUDGET DISCUSSION – Mr. Carpenter discussed the preliminary budget process, stating this is the last of the 3 revisions for the 2024 preliminary budget and 2023 amended budget. Mr. Carpenter reviewed the preliminary budget option showing the 5% rate increase. Mr. Carpenter discussed that he has amended the 2023 budget to better reflect the costs of 2023 and stated Capital projects are mostly wrapped up so the amended numbers shown should be close to final costs for the projects completed this summer. Mr. Carpenter reviewed the 5% rate increase and explained that Salt Lake City Corporation and Cottonwood Improvement district both had 10%+ rate increases in July 2023 and will have another 10%+ increase in July of 2024. The rate increase of 5% would change the monthly cost of water and sewer from $119.05 to $125.00. Powder Ridge Sewer only customers monthly cost would change from $62.93 to $66.08. Snowbird Resort monthly water and sewer costs would increase from $84,335.14 to $88,551.90. Mr. Carpenter discussed the Snowbird snowmaking water rate as it will need to increase by 40% to cover the current cost of untreated water which would change the cost of snowmaking water from $0.41 per thousand gallons to $0.57 per thousand gallons. Mr. Carpenter briefly reviewed proposed wages and presented the board with comparable Special Service District wages from the Transparent Utah website. Vice Chairman Prosek and Trustee Bremer had some discussion regarding the wage increases to realign the Service Area pay to a more comparable rate of the Special Service District industry and while also recognizing the fact the Service Area employees are not only performing one job title, all take on multiple rolls. Both Vice Chairman Prosek and Trustee Bremer agreed these wage increases are necessary for this year but are not sustainable for the future. Mr. Carpenter stated that this is the last review of the budget and at the December 11th board meeting/public hearing it will be voted on. A copy of the 5% preliminary budget is attached for review.




Town of Alta West Peruvian Estates Project – Mr. Carpenter stated that Newman Construction had mostly wrapped up the waterline and PRV Replacement. Mr. Carpenter received a phone call on Thursday 11/16/23 from the Town of Alta ‘s Mr. Cawley concerning water coming up out of a valve box. Mr. Carpenter and Ms. Alderin went to check and found a large water leak from the valve box. Mr. Carpenter got in touch with Mr. Dudley from Newman construction, to help assess the issue. Newman was unable to respond that night so the decision was made to shut the water off above the PRV for the night. Newman construction responded the next morning and dug up around the valve box and found that one of the newly installed pipes had a large crack, Mr. Carpenter stated it is unknown what cause this damage as it had been in service for a month previous to this break. The damaged pipe was removed and replaced; all residents were back in water by 2pm Friday 11/17/23.


Town of Alta Gas Meter for Grizzly vault- Mr. Carpenter discussed Dominion gas has installed the meter for the Grizzly vault, the generator is now attached to natural gas and no longer running off of propane. Mr. Carpenter stated a new battery was also purchased to make sure the generator is in good condition in preparation for winter.


Town Of Alta remote water meter project– Mr. Carpenter ad Mr. Brindle installed 5 more remote meters in the Grizzly subdivision area. Mr. Carpenter stated the meter installation project will resume in the spring 2024.



 Town Of Alta Bay City filter media replacement – Mr. Carpenter spoke with Mr. Cawley regarding the Filter media replacement for Bay City. Mr. Cawley stated the replacement media will be ordered in Mid-December. Mr. Carpenter stated the plan is to replace the media in the spring of 2024.


Albion Basin Fire hydrant maintenance - Mr. Carpenter stated the remaining parts finally came it to finish the repair of the fire hydrant by the cat shop in Albion basin. Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Brindle have completed the repair and the fire hydrant is back in service.



Source Protection Plan- Mr. Carpenter discussed that the Source Protection Plan is required by the State and is to be revised every 5 years. Aqua Engineering is still working on updating the Service Area’s plan and it will be done by the end of the year. Mr. Carpenter stated The Town of Alta has agreed to have Aqua Engineering update their Source Protection plan. Mr. Carpenter discussed that he mentioned a CCAP (sewer evaluation capacity assurance program) at the last meeting, that was also being updated, it has been found by Aqua Engineering that due to the SA3 and Town of Alta population that is not a required document for either to have, it has been decided that the CCAP will not be updated as it is not required.


6” & 8” badger meters - Mr. Carpenter discussed we received both the 6” water meter for the PRV vault by Powder birds and the 8” water meter for the vault by the View condos. Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Brindle have installed both meters. Mr. Carpenter stated the new meters will help monitor the water better than the previous Siemens mag meters.


Wasatch Drain Tunnel upgrades 2023- Mr. Carpenter stated we finally received the new sulfur dioxide controller that was ordered in January. Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Brindle got the new controller installed with new tubing and it is working well.


Disposal of used filter media – Mr. Carpenter discussed that E.T. technologies finally came and picked up the 17 barrels of used media from the tunnel. We are still awaiting the invoice for testing and disposal. Mr. Carpenter stated we also returned a super sack of 2000 lbs. of un-used filter media to Pureflow and should be seeing a credit for that.


SCADA clean up – Mr. Carpenter discussed he worked with Mr. Taylor from SKM to add the new 6” & 8” meters that were installed and remove obsolete items. Mr. Carpenter stated they also cleared up some communications issues that were happening with the Town of Alta Bay city treatment plant.


Meadows Pump station – Mr. Carpenter discussed there is an issue with one of the two pumps in the Meadows sewer lift station. Mr. Carpenter stated the issue has been with the VFD failing when the motor would try to start due to a pump issue. Mr. Carpenter stated the pumps and motors are fairly old and were purchased by the developer from Cottonwood Improvement district. Mr. Carpenter explained that both motors were rebuilt in 2016. Mr. Carpenter stated he has scheduled Nickerson to come up December 1st. Mr. Carpenter will keep the board informed on the progress of this issue.




Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Carpenter reviewed with the Board of Trustees the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison report through October 31st, 2023, and the Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual January 1st, 2023, through October 31st, 2023. These reports are emailed to members of the Board prior to the Board meeting for their review.


Approval of Bills paid – Approval of the bills listed on the check detail dated October 14th through November 16th, 2023 as presented by Mr. Carpenter, and hereby authorized and ratified to be paid by the office manager. Trustee Bremer made a motion to approve. Vice Chairman Prosek seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Copies of the approved check detail are attached to the minutes.


Adjournment - With there being no further business, Vice Chairman Prosek adjourned the meeting at 1:06 pm.


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