June 20th, 2023

9567 E. By-Pass Road

Snowbird, Utah 84092


                                           Dave Richards, Chairman

                                           Tom Prosek, Vice Chairman

                                           Chris Bremer, Trustee

                                           Keith Hanson, Gen. Mgr./Treasurer

                                           Kasey Carpenter, Asst. General Manager    

Bryauna Alderin, Office Manager/Clerk

John Brindle, System Operator

Jeremy Wilz, Seasonal Maintenance

Steve Rowley, K&C Accountant

Ron Stewart, Gilbert & Stewart Auditor


The Salt Lake County Service Area #3 Board of Trustees meeting was called to order by Chairman Richards at 12:01 pm.


Gilbert & Stewart 2022 Financial Audit Presentation-. Mr. Stewart presented and discussed the 2022 Salt Lake County Service Area #3 Audit report. Mr. Stewart discussed the Independent Auditors report of the financial statements and Compliance with Government auditing standards. Mr. Stewart went over the Internal Control portion of the audit and stated there were no findings of deficiencies and Salt Lake County Service Area #3 internal controls are producing correct and accurate accounting information. Mr. Stewart then reviewed the State Compliance report and stated Salt Lake County Service Area #3 is within Utah State compliance for the 2022 Audit. Mr. Stewart stated that overall, Salt Lake County Service Area #3 is in compliance with Utah state law and in good financial standing. A copy of the 2022 Audit Report is attached to the minutes for review.


Public Hearing Open- Chairman Richards opened the public hearing at 12:18 pm to discuss and approve Property tax rate resolution and amended budget.


Public Hearing Resolution 2023-2 Property Tax Rate- Mr. Carpenter discussed the 2023-2 Property Tax Rate Resolution. The property tax rate for Salt Lake County Service Area #3 will be 0.000076. The 2023 property tax revenue for Salt Lake County Service Area #3 is $30,039.00. The tax valuation of Salt Lake County Service Area #3 is at $395,255,622.00. Chairman Richards made a motion to adopt and approve the 2023-2 Property Tax Resolution. Trustee Bremer second the motion and it was unanimously carried. A copy of Resolution 2023-2 is attached to the minutes for review.


2023 Budget Amendment – Mr. Carpenter briefly reviewed the approved 2023 budget. Mr. Carpenter stated the reason for the amendment to the 2023 budget is due to testing that was performed last month on the current filter media which showed that the filter media is in need of replacement at a cost of $53,000.00. Mr. Carpenter stated that some of this money is coming from the unexpected interest income earned from the 3 savings accounts.  This was budgeted for the year at $9,500.00 and thus far has earned $21,000.00.  Mr. Carpenter said additionally it was budgeted to put $87,000.00 into savings this year and with this amendment, $47,000.00 will be put into savings. Mr. Carpenter then reviewed the proposed amended capital budget lines, the budget lines added/changed were,

Added - 2272 – Filter Media replacement was added at $53,000.00 and

Increased - 2215 – Water meter upgrades was increased from $2500.00 to $10,000.00.

Mr. Carpenter stated that the meter upgrade capital was under budgeted to begin with, adding the additional $7,500.00 will help complete the remote meter project.

Mr. Carpenter stated that the total amended budget increase would be $63,000.00.

Chairman Richards asked for a motion to approve 2023 Budget amendment, Vice Chair Prosek motioned to approve, Trustee Bremer seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. A copy of the 2023 approved amended budget is attached for review.


Public Hearing Closed- Chairman Richards closed the public hearing at 12:41 pm. Let it be noted no public was present at the public hearing.


Meeting Minutes approval – Chairman Richards asked for a motion to approve the corrected minutes from the May 15th, 2023, Board meeting. Trustee Bremer motioned to approve, Vice Chairman Prosek seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. A copy of the minutes is attached for review.


Treasurer Appointment – Chairman Richards stated that with Mr. Hanson’s upcoming retirement there is a need to appoint a new treasurer for the Salt Lake County Service Area #3. Mr. Hanson stated that he has full confidence that Mr. Carpenter is more than capable of taking over the financial side of Salt Lake County Service Area #3 and has shown so over the last year. With board members in agreement, Vice Chairman Prosek motioned to approve the appointment of Mr. Carpenter as the Treasurer of Salt Lake County Service Area #3 effective as of July 1st 2023. Chairman Richards seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. Congratulations, Mr. Carpenter!!


2022 Consumer Confidence report- Mr. Brindle reviewed the yearly report required by the EPA and Division of Drinking water. This report is an opportunity to share information with our customers on the water systems operations and the water quality provided. A copy of the 2022 consumer confidence report is attached to the meeting minutes and also available at



Seasonal Maintenance worker – Mr. Carpenter introduced Mr. Jeremy Wilz, who was hired to fill the seasonal maintenance worker position. Today is his first day. Welcome to the team Mr. Wilz.


Town of Alta Powder Ridge water meters- Mr. Carpenter stated that he and Mr. Brindle were able to install 25 of the 28 remote meters at Powder Ridge last week. The remaining 3 meters will need to be installed by a plumber; Mr. Carpenter has been working with John Zarbock plumbing to get quotes for the installation for the remaining 3 meters for the Town of Alta. Mr. Carpenter stated that Powder Ridge meter replacement is phase 1 of the Town of Alta’s meter upgrade project.


Bypass road PRV issue – Mr. Carpenter discussed a small issue with the Bypass Road PRV that was noticed a couple of months ago but due to the amount of snow it was decided to wait until the snow melted to address.  Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Brindle were able to access the PRV and found a diaphragm had developed a hole causing the pressure issues. A replacement diaphragm was purchased and installed. Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Brindle also noticed a small leak coming from a pipe in the 2” portion of the PRV.  It was found that due to high pressure small holes had formed in the threads of the brass nipple. The brass nipple was replaced. The PRV issues have been repaired.


Pureflow Filter media– Mr. Carpenter discussed that a representative from Pureflow flew out to assist in the acid washing of the Wasatch Drain Tunnel filter media. While the filter vessel was open, he also checked the depletion levels of the current media to see if additional media is needed. After a discussion with the representative from Pureflow it was concluded that the media should be replaced.  Mr. Carpenter stated Mr. Brindle was the point man on gathering testing materials from the filters.


Wasatch Drain Tunnel upgrades 2023- Mr. Carpenter stated 15 automatic actuators from Sierra Automation and 13 valves from Ferguson have arrived. Mr. Carpenter stated the upgrade to the tunnel valves and actuators will begin soon. Mr. Carpenter discussed the PLC side of the upgrade project; Mr. Carpenter stated the current tunnel PLC has obsolete parts that if they failed could not be replaced. The PLC’s that were ordered 1 ˝ years ago have finally come in. Mr. Carpenter has been working closely with SKM, Total Power and Controls, and Electro Power. We are waiting on a quote from Electro Power for building the enclosure and will continue to keep the board informed on the status of both tunnel projects.


1999 Chevy Truck- Mr. Carpenter stated that the 1999 Chevy 1 ton has been sold. Ms. Alderin listed it for $1000. 00 and sold it the next day for $800.00 to a mechanic from Snowbird. Mr. Carpenter stated that a replacement truck will be budgeted for 2024.


Newman Construction meeting – Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Hanson met with John Gouldner from the Town of Alta and Mike and Steve from Newman Construction last week to get a plan together concerning the Town of Alta West Peruvian estates and Grizzly projects. Mr. Carpenter stated that there is a meeting scheduled for next Monday with the residents to inform them of the impact the project might have on them. Mr. Carpenter stated that the Peruvian pipe replacement project will also coincide with West Peruvian and Grizzly projects. 


UDOT Statewide utility license agreement – Mr. Carpenter stated that in preparing for the lower canyon manhole realignment, it was realized that our UDOT utility license agreement had expired.  It took a couple of weeks, but we have renewed this agreement and are able to get the appropriate encroachment permits to start working with Cottonwood Improvement District TV ‘ing and cleaning the sewer.


2023 Election Update- Mr. Carpenter stated that Mr. Richards was the only candidate to submit a Declaration of candidacy in person during the Declaration time June 1st -June 7th 2023. Write in candidates have until September 18th 2023. If there are no write in candidates, no 2023 election will be held.


Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Carpenter reviewed with the Board of Trustees the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison report through May 31st, 2023, and the Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual January 1st, 2023, through May 31st, 2023. These reports are emailed to members of the Board prior to the Board meeting for their review. Salt Lake County Service Area #3 prepared the financial reports.


Approval of Bills paid - Trustee Bremer motioned to approve the bills listed on the check detail dated, May 13th through June 16th, 2023, as presented by Mr. Carpenter, and hereby authorized and ratified to be paid by the office manager. Chairman Richards asked for a motion to approve. Trustee Bremer motioned to approve. Vice Chairman Prosek seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Copies of the approved check detail are attached to the minutes.


Thank you, Keith Hanson- Chairman Richards thanked Mr. Hanson for his 37 years of dedication to the community of Little Cottonwood Canyon and wished him all the best in his future endeavors. He will be missed and likely called on often for his vast knowledge of everything while Mr. Carpenter, Ms. Alderin and Mr. Brindle learn to navigate the Service Area without his leadership. Thank you again!



Adjournment - With there being no further business, Chairman Richards adjourned the meeting at 1:43 pm.



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