April 15th, 2024

9567 E. By-Pass Road

Snowbird, Utah 84092



                                    Chris Bremer, Vice Chairman

                                    Tom Prosek, Trustee

                                    Kasey Carpenter, General Manager   

Bryauna Alderin, Office Manager/Clerk

John Brindle, System Operator



The Salt Lake County Service Area #3 Board of Trustees meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Bremer at 12:01 pm.



Meeting Minutes approval – With no comments or changes to the minutes. Trustee Prosek motioned to approve minutes from March 18th 2024 Board meeting minutes. Vice Chairman Bremer seconded the motion and it carried unanimously. A copy of the minutes is attached for review.



2023 MUNICIPAL WASTEWATER PLANNING PROGRAM ANNUAL REPORT- Mr. Carpenter presented the 17-page 2023 Municipal Wastewater Planning Program annual report to the Board. This report is required by the Utah DEQ. Mr. Carpenter submitted the report to the DEQ April 12th 2024. A copy of the report is attached to the meeting minutes for review.


Service Area #3 named in 2 lawsuits - Mr. Carpenter stated the Service Area #3 has been named in two lawsuits concerning the same incident at the mouth of the canyon in April 2023 concerning an accident at the bottom of the canyon where a KSL cameraman, Mr. Smith was hit by a car and killed. Ms. Alderin has been in contact with our Utah Local Governments Trust claims representative, a letter has been sent to both law office parties asking to be removed from the claims as we have no say over the highway and no utilities where the incident occurred. We will keep the board up to date with any changes.


2-day Cyber Security Conference – Mr. Carpenter will be attending a 2-day Cyber Security conference in SLC.  Mr. Carpenter stated it will be a good place to gather resources on how we can better protect the cyber security elements of our systems.


Town of Alta Grizzly water system leak– Mr. Carpenter discussed a water leak in the Grizzly system, it was noticed that the pump was running frequently and losing about 10-15 gallons per minute. Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Brindle have been working with residents/caretakers to locate this leak, nothing has been found inside a residence. Mr. Carpenter stated we are waiting for snow to melt and will continue to work to track down the leak in the system.


Utah Division of Water Rights, Water use report – Mr. Carpenter discussed public water supply use for 2023. The Annual water reports are completed for the Wasatch Drain Tunnel, Mid Gad Spring, Peruvian Spring and the Town of Alta. This report was submitted March 2024. A copy of this report is attached for review.


Snowbird Midgad Restaurant project – Mr. Carpenter briefly discussed the 2-year Snowbird Midgad restaurant rebuild; Permits should be issued today for demolition to begin. Mr. Carpenter provided disconnect letters for demolition as requested by Mr. Mahak the Snowbird Village Ops Director. Mr. Brindle has been working to dismantle our equipment and bring it down to our shop.


SA3 Building heat loop issue - Mr. Carpenter briefly discussed an issue found last year in the copper piping of the heating loop system from the tunnel to the utility closet upstairs, stating Zarbock plumbing came to replace that copper out with PEX piping.  Mr. Carpenter stated that he noticed the bathroom floor was wet and investigation found that the intake copper piping in the utility closet had the same pin hole leak issue as last year and was spraying on the wall, leaking down into the bathroom. Mr. Carpenter made a temporary repair only to find more pin holes in the copper line. Mr. Carpenter has reached out to Zarbock plumbing to come up to give an estimate but they have not been up as of today. Mr. Carpenter stated he had a Gunther’s HVAC technician come because the building heat was not working well and it was found the heat pumps have a heavy scale/sediment build up. The Gunther’s Tech recommend they send a plumber to flush the system, Ms. Alderin will reach out for an appointment for flushing.


Night Operator Position- Mr. Carpenter stated we are still looking for a night operator to fill the one open position available. Mr. Bildstein our current night operator has been helping out immensely this winter in covering all the nights he can. Mr. Carpenter stated because we are having trouble finding interest in the job, he has reached out to Mr. Taylor at SKM to see if the SCADA system could record data needed in the absence of a nightly operator.


FCC Radio license – Mr. Carpenter stated the FCC Radio license has been approved and we are just waiting for snow to melt to take SKM up to the Peruvian reservoir to reprogram the radio system.


PFAS Question from Trustee Prosek – Trustee Prosek asked a question regarding the PFAS and ski wax information he has been seeing on the news and where the Service Area is in relativity to that. Mr. Carpenter stated the EPA finally set the MCL limits and the Service Area is scheduled with the EPA to test in spring 2025. Mr. Carpenter stated Salt Lake City public utility has tested Little Cottonwood creek and no PFAS were found. Mr. Carpenter will inform our residents of the current PFAS state of affairs in the Consumer Confidence Report this July.


Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Carpenter reviewed with the Board of Trustees the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison report through March 31st, 2024, and the Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual January 1st, 2024, through March 31st, 2024. These reports are emailed to members of the Board prior to the Board meeting for their review.


Approval of Bills paid – Approval of the bills listed on the check detail dated March 16th through April 12th, 2024, as presented by Mr. Carpenter, and hereby authorized and ratified to be paid by the office manager. Trustee Prosek made a motion to approve. Vice Chairman Bremer seconded the motion and it carried. Copies of the approved check detail are attached to the minutes.


Adjournment - With there being no further business, Vice Chairman Bremer adjourned the meeting at 1:16 pm.



Salt Lake County Service Area #3-Snowbird                                      



Chris Bremer/Vice Chairman


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Bryauna Alderin/Clerk



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