July 19th, 2016

at the Service Area Administration Building

PRESENT: Annamarie Borgione, Chairman

John Collins, Trustee

Keith Hanson, Gen. Mgr./Treasurer

Steve McIntosh, Operations Manager

Monica Lisenbee, Office Manager/Clerk

Roger & Margaret Bourke-Alta Residents

Absent: Dave Richards, Trustee


Chairman Borgione called the regular meeting to order at 11:58 a.m. Ms. Borgione moved to approve the June 21st, 2016 regular meeting minutes as written. Mr. Collins seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Sanitary Survey: The Division of Drinking Water will conduct the required "Sanitary Survey", beginning on August 4th, 2016. This will include inspection of our facilities as well as Alta, Hidden Peak and Mid-Gad systems. In preparation for this survey, which include the improvements to the Peruvian Mine from last year, Mr. Hanson has ordered a new door for the Peruvian Mine and is ready to be installed.

Building Drainage: The Service Area has addressed all of the necessary drainage improvements to the surrounding areas of our new building and we are waiting for final approval from the County. We will finish up the remaining water drainage issues along our building, constructing a waterway for drainage into the storm drain rather than running into the street. The recent work to the retention pond should also be inspected by the County.

Lightning Issues: Lighting activity in June took out the Peruvian meter again. Another meter head has been ordered for Peruvian for $900.00. We power this meter by running low voltage power from our building to Peruvian and in the event of a lightning storm, it seems to take out the relays to the meter. Mr. Collins confirmed that the meter isnít damaged from a direct strike. Mr. Hanson stated that it just has to be a strike within the nearby area.

Chad Horne Issue: Mr. Hanson was contacted by the caretaker of the Horne residence, (Michelle Greer), regarding a pressure reducing valve failure in their house. This is the second time this has happened and Ms. Greer was concerned it was linked to pressure problems within our system. Mr. Hanson monitored the pressure near this residence, by using a digital pressure transducer on a fire hydrant for a 48 hour period. The graph results displayed consistent pressure and there was nothing out of the ordinary. Mr. Horne was satisfied with the results. Mr. Hanson stated that he believes it is a result of an internal plumbing issue.

Meadows Pump Station: Mr. Hanson reported that one of the pumps in the Meadows pump station has burned up. Mr. Hanson gave a brief review of the design of the pump station and noted the weak point as being the necessity to use phase converters for the power, which is less expensive than running 3 phase power. Currently we are doing o.k. with the one pump, which cycles once per day. Mr. Hanson is researching the purchase of a 5 hp motor and new phase converter for under $5,000.00, although with newer technology, he may be able to run the motor using a single phase variable frequency drive, which could be retrofitted to this system. Mr. Hanson will consult with an electrician and advise the board of his findings.

Hidden Peak: Mr. Hanson discussed the issues involving the frozen line on Hidden Peak, which has recently thawed. He is working with Snowbird to come up with future solutions so this does not reoccur.

Yesterday, Snowbird crews were working on the disassembling the old ski patrol building and severed the fiber in the area. We therefore have no communication with the water treatment plant on Hidden Peak. Mr. Hanson will be going to the Hidden Peak directly after this meeting to troubleshoot.

Mid-Gad Restaurant: The Mid Gad Restaurant will be open tomorrow for a Snowbird event. Steve has turned on the water and tested the chlorine residual. Mr. Hanson commented that we need to be advised by Snowbird when future events are scheduled, as it is our responsibility to provide safe drinking water.

Creekside Expansion: Mr. Hanson continues to work with Snowbird overseeing the specs for the new sewage lift station at Creekside. Mr. Hanson stated that Paulsen Construction must follow Salt Lake County building code and water shed requirements to be in compliance.

Alta Grizzly: Mr. Hanson reviewed a spec sheet on installing a pump station in Grizzly. This would include installing auxiliary power. John Guldner is currently working on easements as this is on the Schrontz property. Roger Bourke stated he has boundary maps of the area he can supply to Keith. Forsgren Engineering is assisting Mr. Hanson with the design of this pump station.

Zinc: Mr. Hanson will be using a mini-excavator around the Howland Tunnel to get rid of the dam.

A stakeholders meeting is scheduled in August at the Service Area office.

Sewer Work: Cottonwood Improvement crews will be up next week with their tv and flusher trucks to begin inspection of the canyon sewer. Beginning up at Alta and ending at the mouth of the canyon.


Mr. Hanson reviewed with the Board of Trustees, the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison report beginning June 1st, through June 30th, 2016 and the Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual beginning June 1st, 2016 through June 30th, 2016 as prepared by Salt Lake County Service Area #3.


Ms. Borgione moved that the bills listed on the June 22nd, 2016 through July 19th, 2016 payment registers, as presented by Mr. Hanson hereby be authorized and ratified to be paid by the manager. Mr. Collins seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Copies of the approved bills are attached to the minutes.


There being no further business to be discussed, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and unanimously carried at 1:00 p:m.

Salt Lake County Service Area #3-Snowbird


Annamarie Borgione/Chairman



Monica L. Lisenbee/Clerk