Delta City Pilot Project

The arsenic standard has been at 50 parts per billion for many years. The new standard set at 10 parts per billion in January, 2001 has been repealed  by the EPA pending further research and subsequently reinstated at 10 parts per billion and systems will need to be in compliance by 2006. The Arsenic standard remains a politically charged issue and we will update you as we receive more information.

Unlike antimony, arsenic is a proven carcinogen in large doses and it is estimated that we should
not have a problem meeting the new standard since test results have not indicated a violation of the maximum contaminant level or Arsenic in our water.

On July 11, 2001 The Rural Water Association Of Utah started up two pilot columns for the treatment of Arsenic in the City of Delta's water. One column is filled with Activated Alumina and the other column has been filled with Granular Ferric Hydroxide. The activated Alumina column did not prove to be an effective media in removing Arsenic cheaply and efficiently however as of December , 2001 the Granular Ferric Hydroxide continues to produce similar results to those at Salt Lake Co. Service Area #3.