The plumbing code adopted by the State of Utah requires that any potential cross connection between the drinking water and any other non potable source be prevented or protected

 Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly

An “RP” is just one way to control a cross connection. This assembly must be tested annually to insure the correct operation and the test result report should be forwarded to the local water utility.

Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers

Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers offer a good way to prevent cross contamination yet avoid the need for annual testing. These devices must be installed on every zone and the control valve must be between the “AVB” and the City Connection

Pressure Vacuum Breaker

Pressure Vacuum Breakers are similar to Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers except they do need to be tested annually and test results need to be forwarded to the local water utility.


This assembly can have control valves after the “PVB” and there only needs to be one between the city connection and the       Sprinkling System.

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Lawn Sprinkling Systems Need Special Care!!


Although our water contract only   allows temporary irrigation for     revegetation purposes, all irrigation systems require backflow prevention


Many people have sprinklers in their homes and they give exemplary service year after year.


It is possible, because they work so effectively for problems to occur such as water from the lawn entering into the public drinking water system and contaminating not only your home, but, the surrounding homes of your neighbors as well.


A few simple steps to reduce the risk of Cross Connection can go a long way to insure that the water we drink and depend on every day stays as safe as it was when it entered the system.


The following are a few examples of ways to help keep drinking water safe.


For more information call or write your local utility at the address on the bottom.